I am so happy I purchased the burrito! It's a brilliant product that has been coming to the crag with me ever since! It's a great piece of equipment for warm ups and training. I couldn't be happier!

Brandon Terrazas

The 3D printed burritos are lightweight, portable, complete (they have jugs, slopers, crimps and pinches), and effective for training those fingers. And when else does the company send you a video of them printing your product as a status update?


I have a bunch of hangboards, portable and wall mounted and none are like the Burrito. It’s super light, versatile, and durable. My fav part has to be the sloper. It helps me warm up very quickly. I was able to get a custom color, black which looks dope! I heard he's going to make an Extra Large Burrito, I need to have that ASAP. So if you need a hangboard for home workouts or to travel with get the Burrito. You will not regret it.


The Burrito

Blue Burrito Hangboard Camp 4 Fingerz

Patent Pending Notches

Send. It. All.

Non-rotating minimal design

Utilizing handy physics, we calculated where the cord should exit the end caps so that the rotational forces balance out when hung on. Using a single cord allows for easier use, less time untangling and more time climbing.

Work up to or surpass your body weight

Use it.

Send it.